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Glyn Slade, Director and Authorised Financial Adviser:

I have over 40 years of banking and finance company experience and am passionate about providing excellent customer service and helping my clients find the right finance. I deal with many financial institutions and that means I do all the 'leg work'. In these changing economic times, I believe there is even greater need for high quality service from a professional mortgage adviser. Lenders want to be in partnership with high calibre, trustworthy advisers that present credible loan applications on behalf of their clients. This greatly improves your chances of approval. Having been in this industry for over 40 years, bought and sold our homes, managed our farm and rental property.

Do you know the difference between RFA and AFA?

RFA is not a qualification. It means the adviser is a registered financial adviser. 90% of 'mortgage brokers' are simply registered financial advisers. AFA is a qualification. It means the Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) had to study and pass exams in financial services. Moreover, an AFA must furnish information annually to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), write an education programme each year, and keep a record of achievement.

Nicola Mair - Bachelor (BHlthSc) - Personal Assistant

Miria Scott - Bachelor (BSocSc) - Personal Assistant

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